Hometown Car Wash offers a quick and easy way to reach your organization’s fundraising goals with a modern spin on a classic concept! Say good bye to time-consuming parking lot car washing and raise money for your non-profit by selling our $20 Wash coupons for $10 a piece and keep 50% of the profits!


Who Qualifies:

Non-profit organizations such as:

  • Local schools
  • Community projects
  • Church groups
  • Youth athletic teams
  • Local service clubs
  • and many more...

How It Works:


Submit your fundraising application to get started. A Hometown Manager will contact you.


We will provide you with $20 wash coupons for your organization to sell.


Your organization will sell our coupons for $10 a piece. Customers get a deal on a wash, and your organization gets to keep 50% of the profits!

Example: If 50 people sell 10 coupons each, that’s 500 coupons sold for $10 a piece, or $5,000 raised! Your organization gets to keep 50% of the profits, or $2,500.


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